Brass Machine Gun Roller Ball Pen

Brass Machine Gun Roller Ball Pen

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Brand new and high quality.

Handmade brass pen, fine workmanship, can be used for writing,
collecting gifts and so on.
Material: pen body for the brass

Diameter: about 12mm
Length :132mm.
Copper ring diameter: 2CM
Copper pen Net weight: 65 grams
Copper pen + carton: 105 grams
Black refill:0.5mm
Products include: 1 pen x1 gift box
Classic style, brass bolt type, fine thread connection.

Brass has a very good plasticity and high strength, good cutting performance, easy welding, high corrosion strength,
for the pen can see the choice of materials stress.

Extremely classic a bolt pen, write a sense of good grip, workmanship,
four edges have chamfer, linked to the head of the whole shape,
but also done chamfering, processing difficult.
Switch anti-slip out of the design, toggle Kaka strong.
It is worth playing, use and appreciation,
is a rare section of the classic bolt pen.